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Business & Management Chronicle

Issue Highlights

  • Indian Banking Sector An Overview
  • New Banking License Being trendy/Being wise
  • Career opportunities in Banking & Insurance Sector

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Issue Highlights and Specials
Issue Highlights Education Loan: A Jump start to your dreams Rupee Devaluation CAT Loses Cur More...
Business & Management July 2013
Private University- Harbinger of New Opportunities, Luxury Brand Management, Biotechnology-A Promising Career, More...
Business & Management June 2013
Campus Recruitment on a Boom, Campus Placement - The Fear Factor, DU Takes a Paradigm Shift, IITs in the Globa More...
Business & Management May 2013
In depth articles on All India Engineering Survey-2013, Career in Graphic Design, BBA Colleges, AICTE – Univ More...
Business & Management April 2013
Comprehensive coverage on Retail Industry in India, FDI impact on Indian economy, BBA as an education choice, More...
Business & Management March 2013
Comprehensive coverage on Retail Industry in India, FDI impact on Indian economy, BBA as an education choice, More...
Business & Management January 2013
All India B-School Survey. Articles on New Trends in B-Schools, How to select B-School, Bank Loans to Finance More...

Quiz of the Day

1   Who has been appointed new Finance Secretary?
A.        Ashok Chawla
B.        R Gandhi
C.        Arvind Mayaram
D.        Sumit Bose
2   Recently, “Palcohol” gained widespread attention worldwide. What does Palcohol refers to___?
A.        New kind of drug
B.        Genetically modified food products
C.        Powdered alcohol product
D.        Food capsules for astronauts
3   Peace Angel 2014” is a joint military exercise concluded recently between which two countries?
A.        India and Pakistan
B.        China and Pakistan
C.        China and Bangladesh
D.        India and Bangladesh
4   Who has been appointed as CAFRAL Director?
A.         Sunita Ratanpal
B.        G Gopalakrishna
C.        Ashok Garg
D.        Smita Aggarwal
5   Who is the first Indian to feature on the cover of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack?
A.        Sachin Tendulkar
B.        Shikhar Dhawan
C.        M S Dhoni
D.        Virat Kohli
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Mind Shakers

Secret agent Games Homes is on a secret mission to install a virus in the computer of terrorists after receiving the information from their computer.

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Vocab Booth

Credulous: (adj.) having or showing too great a readiness to believe things
Synonyms: gullible, naive, impressionable, trusting
Antonyms: incredulous, distrustful
Usage: The con man was able to easily sell his wonder products to credulous buyers.

Affluent: (adj.) having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value
Synonyms: wealthy, rich
Antonyms: destitute, poor
Usage: The techno-gap between the affluent and the poor does nothing but widen.

Impalpable :(adj.)incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch
Synonyms: intangible, abstract
Antonyms: tangible, believable
Usage:For the ordinary minded economy is an impalpable construct not worth bothering.

Multifarious: (adj.)  A person or thing with many sides or different qualities
Synonyms: multiple, numerous, myriad
Antonyms: homogenous
Usage: Informative endnotes round off a multifarious reading experience.
Didactic: (adj.)  intended to teach
Synonyms: instructive, informative
Antonyms: uninstructive, uninformative
Usage: Some colleges and universities are already being didactic about safe computing.

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Purple Ink

Is Yuvraj singh the actual reason of defeat in T-20 final?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Can't Say
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Mental Zone

There is Orange Nectar which contains 20 % Orange pulp. How much pure pulp should be added to 2 kg of juice to increase the concentration of Orange pulp to 25 %?

A.        150 grams
B.        200 grams
C.        66.66 grams
D.        100 grams
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Rabindranath Tagore

agore was born into a distinguished Bengali family in Kolkatta, West Bengal on 1861. His father’s name was Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, a well-known Hindu reformer and mystic and his mother was Shrimati Sharada Devi. Tagore received his education at home. He was taught in Bengali, with English lessons in the afternoon.

Jawaharlal Nehru

He was a major political leader of the Congress Party, a pivotal figure in the Indian independence movement and the first and one of the longestserving Prime Ministers of the Republic of India.