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Issue Highlights and Specials
Issue Highlights Education Loan: A Jump start to your dreams Rupee Devaluation CAT Loses Cur More...
Business & Management July 2013
Private University- Harbinger of New Opportunities, Luxury Brand Management, Biotechnology-A Promising Career, More...
Business & Management June 2013
Campus Recruitment on a Boom, Campus Placement - The Fear Factor, DU Takes a Paradigm Shift, IITs in the Globa More...
Business & Management May 2013
In depth articles on All India Engineering Survey-2013, Career in Graphic Design, BBA Colleges, AICTE – Univ More...
Business & Management April 2013
Comprehensive coverage on Retail Industry in India, FDI impact on Indian economy, BBA as an education choice, More...
Business & Management March 2013
Comprehensive coverage on Retail Industry in India, FDI impact on Indian economy, BBA as an education choice, More...
Business & Management January 2013
All India B-School Survey. Articles on New Trends in B-Schools, How to select B-School, Bank Loans to Finance More...

Quiz of the Day

1   World Elephant day is observed on ______.
A.        8 August
B.        12 August
C.        15 August
D.        13 August
2   Who has been appointed UPSC chairman?
A.        Rajni Razdan
B.        Kapil Sibbal
C.        Smriti Irani
D.        Subir Dutta
3   Who is the first woman to bag ‘Math Nobel Prize’?
A.        Ada Lovelace
B.        Maryam Mirzakhani
C.        Shakuntala Devi
D.        Julia Robinson
4   Which state has become the most favoured destination for foreign tourists in North East region?
A.        Arunachal Pradesh
B.        Nagaland
C.        Sikkim
D.        Manipur
5   Who has been appointed the head Expenditure Management Commission?
A.        KN Tripathi
B.        B. Ashok
C.        SS Mundra
D.        Bimal Jalan
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Mind Shakers

You have a stack of 23 cards. Each card has an image of a cross on one side and an image of a circle on the other side.

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Vocab Booth

Intensive : (adj.) characterized by a high degree or  intensity
Synonyms : exhausted, accelerated
Antonyms : incomplete, incomprehensive
Usage : New drugs to improve memory and cognitive performance in impaired individuals are under intensive study.

Amplify : (verb) increase the volume of
Synonyms : augment, intensify
Antonyms : decrease, weaken
Usage : It can increase happiness, amplify a sense of well-being and even comfort sadness.

Attrition : (noun) wearing down or away
Synonyms : erosion, depreciation
Antonyms : building, strengthening
Usage : The IT sector has also slashed the rate of attrition for new employees.

Aftermath : (noun) the consequences of an event
Synonyms : impact, outcome
Antonyms : cause, origin
Usage : The health impacts of the aftermath of natural gas production remain largely unexplored.

Plead : (verb) appeal or request earnestly
Synonyms : appeal, petition
Antonyms : refuse, answer
Usage : Shikha pleaded her mother to get a beautiful dress for birthday.

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Purple Ink

Do you think the report submitted on the Saharanpur riots for communal violence is based on reality and the other political parties are playing blame games to taint the political image?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Can't Say
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Mental Zone

In how many ways can 6 letters be posted in 4 post boxes, if any number of letters can be posted in all of the three post boxes?

A.        6C4
B.        6 P4
C.        64
D.        46
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Presidents of India

1 Rajendra Prasad (1884–1963) 26 January 1950 12 May 1962 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 1952 election & 1957 election Prasad, from Bihar, was the first President of independent India. He was also a freedom fighter during the Indian independence movement. Prasad was the only president to serve two terms in office.

Prime Ministers of India

Dr. Manmohan Singh May 22, 2004 - till date INC