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Quiz of the Day

1   What is the term ‘Heartbleed’ associated with?
A.        a common disease
B.        new security threat for online safety
C.        a mission
D.        name of a renowned book
2   Who won London Marathon?
A.        Tsegaye Kebede
B.        Sue Townsend
C.        Stanley Biwott
D.        Wilson Kipsang
3   Who has been appointed new Navy Chief?
A.        B S Bassi
B.        Arup Raha
C.        R.K. Dhowan
D.        Bikram Singh
4   Recently, United Kingdom 2014 Asian award for outstanding achievement in sports was won by __?
A.         M S Dhoni
B.        Virat Kohli
C.        R Ashwin
D.        Suresh Raina
5   Who won the title Miss India 2014?
A.        Jhataleka Malhotra
B.        Koyal Rana
C.        Deepti Sati
D.        Gail Da’Silva
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Mind Shakers

Mohan and Sohan gave Rs. 100 to Radha and asked her to purchase exactly 100 fruits for that amount. Also, the price of those 100 fruits should be exactly Rs. 100. She was only 3 types of fruits to buy Oranges, mangoes and Bananas


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Vocab Booth

Tribulation : great affliction or distress; cause of distress
Synonym : suffering
Antonym : ease, pleasure
Usage : Kennedy advised the nation to be patient in tribulation

Umpteen : too many to be counted
Synonym : innumerable
Antonym : finite
Usage : Having umpteen followers online is the new status symbol

Uncanny : exciting wonder and fear
Synonym : inexplicable
Antonym : explicable
Usage : The uncanny ability to come out of difficult situations makes her a role-model

Venal : open or susceptible to bribery
Synonym : corruptible
Antonym : incorruptible
Usage : The group of venal ministers has amassed a lot of wealth

Vituperative : harshly abusive
Synonym : acrimonious
Antonym : laudatory, praise-filled
Usage : Vituperative statements may give short-term gains but usually cause long-term damage

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Purple Ink

Is Yuvraj singh the actual reason of defeat in T-20 final?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Can't Say
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Mental Zone

To pin up a rectangular picture, Ramu needs 4 pins, one at each corner. For two pictures he needs only 6 pins since he can overlap pictures. What is the smallest number of pins he needs to pin up 10 pictures?

A.        22
B.        18
C.        17
D.        14
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Rabindranath Tagore

agore was born into a distinguished Bengali family in Kolkatta, West Bengal on 1861. His father’s name was Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, a well-known Hindu reformer and mystic and his mother was Shrimati Sharada Devi. Tagore received his education at home. He was taught in Bengali, with English lessons in the afternoon.

Jawaharlal Nehru

He was a major political leader of the Congress Party, a pivotal figure in the Indian independence movement and the first and one of the longestserving Prime Ministers of the Republic of India.