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MBA- A Door to Management

Be Wise to choose your B-School

Is MBA complementing Entrepreneurship?

CAT is Back


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Issue Highlights and Specials
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Business & Management May 2013
In depth articles on All India Engineering Survey-2013, Career in Graphic Design, BBA Colleges, AICTE – Univ More...
Business & Management April 2013
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Business & Management March 2013
Comprehensive coverage on Retail Industry in India, FDI impact on Indian economy, BBA as an education choice, More...
Business & Management January 2013
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Quiz of the Day

1   Which is the first Indian B-School to launch free MOOC through the platform Edx ?
A.        IIM Bangalore
B.        IIM Calcutta
C.        IIM Ahmedabad
D.        IIM Indore
2   International Day for the preservation of Ozone Layer is observed on ______.
A.        10 October
B.        16 September
C.        8 September
D.        16 October
3   Which country is representing 17th Asian Games?
A.        Japan
B.        India
C.        China
D.        South Korea
4   Which is the first bank in India to launch EMI facility on Debit Card?
A.        Axis Bank
B.        ICICI Bank
C.        HDFC Bank
D.        SBI
5   Who has been elected as the chairman of Indian Banks Association?
A.        V G Mathew
B.        Abhishek Ganguly
C.        T M Bhasin
D.        Baba Kalyani
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You have a stack of 23 cards. Each card has an image of a cross on one side and an image of a circle on the other side.

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Horrendous: (adj.) causing fear or dread or terror
Synonyms: atrocious, terrible
Antonyms: pleasant, wonderful
Usage: His friends cheated him of everything and then discarded him in a most horrendous way.

Malodorous: (adj.) having an unpleasant smell
Synonyms: stinking, foul, decayed
Antonyms: aromatic, perfumed
Usage: There lie tons of malodorous garbage bags in that street.

Mellifluous: (adj.) pleasing to the ears
Synonyms: smooth, honeyed, melodious
Antonyms: harsh
Usage: I grew up around people who had wonderful, mellifluous voices.

Obtuse: (adj.) slow to understand
Synonyms: imperceptive, dumb
Antonyms: bright, intelligent
Usage: The obtuse remark left everyone perplexed!

Pauper: (noun) a person who is very poor
Synonyms: beggar, bankrupt
Antonyms: rich, wealth
Usage: He did die a pauper and is buried in an unmarked grave.

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Do you think the fine imposed and sentence given to Tamil Nadu’s convicted Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in the Disproportionate Asset case is the right verdict of the judiciary?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Can't Say
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Mental Zone

In how many ways can 6 letters be posted in 4 post boxes, if any number of letters can be posted in all of the three post boxes?

A.        6C4
B.        6 P4
C.        64
D.        46
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Presidents of India

1 Rajendra Prasad (1884–1963) 26 January 1950 12 May 1962 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 1952 election & 1957 election Prasad, from Bihar, was the first President of independent India. He was also a freedom fighter during the Indian independence movement. Prasad was the only president to serve two terms in office.

Prime Ministers of India

Dr. Manmohan Singh May 22, 2004 - till date INC